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Dust Mite Control Measures:

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in the skin. These mites collect most commonly in bedding, mattresses, stuffed couches and pillows, carpets and stuffed animals. Certain people are allergic to dust mites and when this occurs, dust mite allergy will worsen underlying allergic conditions such as asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. Dust mite allergy is most commonly diagnosed by allergy skin testing.

Dust mite control measures are important in minimizing exposure to this allergen when dust mite allergy is present. Common dust mite control measures include mattress pillow, duvet, and box spring covers, HEPA filters for the bedroom and living areas, flooring instead of carpeting, and HEPA vacuums for all carpeted areas. Additional measures include minimizing stuffed animal exposure and washing all bedding once a week in very hot water. HEPA filtration systems can also be installed in the heating and air conditioning systems in your home.

Dust mite control measures when instituted in their entirety will decrease indoor exposure to dust mite allergens. Decreasing exposure to these allergens is important in controlling allergic conditions.

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